Savings & Investment

We know that you work hard for your money and it’s a great feeling knowing that your wealth is increasing. Choosing the right options can help you access a better rate of return than the one you’re getting and you can also benefit from any available tax breaks. Good planning will also highlight the investment opportunities that may now be suitable to your situation.

Broadly speaking, people either save or invest to provide an income (either now or in the future) or to provide a lump sum  Savings and investment needs change over the course of a lifetime, so careful thought needs to given as to what those objectives are. Most people build up their savings from regular amounts from disposable income whereas the need to invest a lump sum can arise from accumulated business capital, the receipt of a legacy or other windfall. 

We strongly believe that savings that are easy to lay your hands on when you need it, are an essential part of your “financial tool-kit”. Although access to your cash is important, there may also be accounts, and investments that not only provide access, but give you a healthier return too.  


A Corporate deposit is an interest bearing deposit banking product offered to corporate banking customers by banks and accredited financial institutions.

Investment Portfolio

A number of different types of investments specifically chosen based on your circumstances, tax status and attitude to risk. You can hold assets within your portfolio such as shares, unit trusts, property etc.


The effects of inflation need to be understood by the saver/investor. As long as there is inflation, the purchasing power of a given sum of money will fall in the future. Before an investment can grow in real terms it needs to first increase with inflation; the aim of many investments should be to provide a real return above inflation.