As a self-employed person it's easy to believe that you'll struggle to find a mortgage. You need a lender who understands your circumstances and the right advice to find the most suitable product.  It is very important to make sure that you obtain independent mortgage advice before making decisions on which lender and mortgage product to choose. 

Our fully independent mortgage service looks at the whole of the market to find the mortgage most suitable for your needs.  Whether you're looking at a new family home, new business premises or you're considering “dipping your toe” in the buy to let market, don’t take another step without talking to us first. Our network of contacts and years of experience mean that we know how to make sure you are matched with the right lender and product for your circumstances.


Buy to let Property

A buy to let property is bought with the sole intention of letting it to tenants. Most mortgage lenders offer special 'buy-to-let' mortgage deals for this purpose.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

The mortgage interest rate stays the same for the initial period of the deal, usually two to five years. This means you can be sure of exactly what you will be paying on your mortgage each month, as your rate won't go up - or down - with the Bank of England base rate as it would with a variable-rate mortgage.

Discounted Rate Mortgage

A discounted-rate deal is one where the interest rate you are charged is a set amount less than your mortgage lender's standard variable rate (SVR).

For example, if the lender has an SVR of 5.5% and the discount is 1%, then you will pay 4.5%.

Capped Rate Mortgage

The mortgage interest rate charged by your lender will never exceed the upper 'capped' limit, regardless of increases to the Bank of England base rate.